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2022 Easter Event

We had over 300 children city rep Alexsandra Annello, County Commissioner David Stout, Park and Recreation, our members, and many more agencies help made this Easter event! 

Community Garden Preparation

The children in our neighborhood help dig up weeds and clean up a rec center garden! When  we are done cleaning the garden we are go to have a community garden for Spring and Summer.

National Guard Vaccinations

The National Guard was accepting appointments to come to homes and provide vaccinations or boosters at request.
Ms. Gail Wilson and her mother were the first in my neighborhood to get vaccinated. National Guard also gave families and young children vaccinations too!

Christmas Gift-Giveaway 2021

Sadly for this year for Christmas toys for tots only gave us 100 toys so we gave to the children who parents passed away in 2021, about 60 children.
Last minute few business call me December 24 and said to me Merry Christmas we have 50 Christmas dinners boxes for families!
We were surprised and happy for joy and being so grateful. What a blessing!

Gifts for Service Providers

I crocheted 2000 hats, scarfs and bottle holders, for First responders and for our Veterans. My members help us to stuff the crocheted stuff and city rep help us donated plastic bags and we put Thank-you-for-your-service and a wonderful message!
My mother was helping me giving out hats to staff and our soldiers. My mom was so proud and honored to do this!

Halloween Drive 2021

Fall 2021 we had a Halloween drive through Trick a Treat at the rec center Rea Gilmore Recreation 2021 with City Rep 2 , one Stop, community Church and most of all Mountain View Neighborhood Association!

Squash Harvest

Our members harvest squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and vegetables for winter, to feed the senior and disabled!

Class on Cloning Figs

Ms. Gail Wilson was giving a class on cloning figs, about 325 of them!

Restaurant Donation

Local business restaurants donated food for our community and children in park! This time it was tamales, rice and beans!

Food for Seniors and Families with Disabilities

2020 and 2021 - Our members help give out boxs food for 500 seniors and families with disabilities a month for a year ! 

Other Classes and Activities

School Supplies Give-Away

September 2021 - Walmart gave us our neighborhood children over $3000 + of school supplies to give out to them!


October 2020 - City Rep. Alexsandra Annello, District 2 gave us Halloween bags and Park and Recreation gave us 3 cases of candies for Halloween! We manage to gave out 229 bags of Trick or Treats to our neighborhood children! We try built the moral because of the quarantined! We also help the families with blankets and jackets to our low income families from our community! What a blessing! 

Thank You - Reefs

Our loving Grandma's were so grateful what the City Rep 2 and Staff and  Parks and Rec for given our children Halloween candies to built the moral up to our families!
They made 20 candy reefs to our donors for Christmas! 

Toys & Tots, and Candy

December 2020 - Parks and Rec donated 2000 toys Toys and Tots 100 toys what a blessing!
Oh, by the way Parks and Recs & City Rep 2 donated 10 cases of bags of chocolate candies!

Christmas Party Toy Give-Away

2019 - Toys for tots gave us 800 toys for our children in our Christmas party! What a blessing!  They even help us with one church in our church to give out toys to our neighborhood children! I asked more toys for our children at the JBD too.
Marines gave out the toys to children and we had food enjoy to eat, donated by neighborhood business what a blessing!

Gardening Classes, 2019-2021

Endeavor Agencies for Veterans

We found out 4 Veterans families lost their jobs and was about to lose their home. A few of us managed to get help from Endeavor Agencies for Veterans! They helped them for rent and our members helped each families with a month of groceries !

End of Summer Harvest

2019 the end of the summer the children in the neighborhood helped to harvest the vegetables for low income families!

Christmas Toys and Candies

Our members volunteers ( Veteran families and 20 high school youth) help give out Christmas toys and candies to 727 children in my neighborhood ! We specially help the family members that had died from this horrible virus! Some of our members even gave flowers and a fruit baskets and that all we could do!